The future of your LMD operation starts here…
The future of your LMD operation starts here…

We are a consulting company with more than 30 years of experience in ERP system implementations in the consumer goods industry, specially in the beverage and food industry.

We are a leading consulting company specialized in the custom development and implementation (technical and functional) of SAP SDD/LMD and SAP DSD solutions. We offer a unique combination of solid Last Mile Distribution (LMD) and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) business experience matched with a proven track record of successful system implementations across the South and Central America (LATAM), Europe, South Africa and Australia. Our solutions can be implemented using SAP Frontend Solutions or other providers.

Our organization offers a unique combination of solid LMD/SDD/DSD business experience and implementing fresh and creative, cost-effective solutions that leverage existing technology investments. Most Consumer Goods (CG) companies, even today, have limited visibility of product take off from the retail shelves, limited understanding of how their retail promotions are being run and managed, and typically, their sales force continue to perform their sales and delivery related activities in an inefficient, paper-intensive, offline mode.

Our mission is to become the undeniably consulting leader SAP SDD/LMD/DSD solution provider in the market in order to guide, support and leads companies through successful SAP SDD/LMD/DSD implementations.

Some of our main customers are:

Our main customers